Council Committees

Committees are appointed by the Mayor and are made up of two Council members with one member serving as a chairperson.  Committees meet on an “as needed” basis with meetings being called by the Committee Chairperson or appropriate Town Staff.  Meetings will be held in the Conference Room or in Council Chambers of the Town Hall, with dates and times posted here on the event calendar on the home page.


Bradford Dyjak, Chairperson and Cary Jackson


Susan Mathias, Chairperson and Heidi Hoover

Economic & Community Development:

Bradford Dyjak, Chairperson and Susan Mathias

Parks, Recreation, & Beautification:

Robert Seward, Chairperson and Cary Jackson

Infrastructure & Safety:

Robert Seward, Chairperson and Bob Wolz


Heidi Hoover, Chairperson and Cary Jackson