Chicken Keeping

The Town allows its residents to house up to four chickens with an approved Chicken Keeping Application.  However, roosters are not allowed to be housed within the Town limits under any circumstances. A sketch plan must show the type, location and size of all pens, coops, cages or other enclosures or structures where chickens will be kept and must be submitted with the appropriate application.  The distance in feet separating pens, coops or cages from property lines and the nearest adjacent dwelling not owned by you shall be shown.  All enclosed pens must be situated at least twenty-five feet from adjoining property lines and at least two hundred feet from any poultry processing and or related facilities and shall not be located in a storm drainage area that would allow fecal matter to enter any Town storm drainage system or stream.  The sketch must show all dimensions and setbacks. 

Chicken Keeping Application and Dayton Code