Refuse Collection

Trash is collected at curbside on Fridays of each week. All trash set out for collection must be placed in the trash containers provided by the Town’s trash contractor. In the event there is more trash than the container can hold, it must be placed in plastic trash bags of adequate strength to contain the contents, and placed beside the trash container.  The Town will not be responsible for the collection of materials in plastic bags if such bags are torn or overloaded so as to prevent normal handling. Please call Dayton Public Works at 540-879-2241 for extra or replacement containers.

Holiday Collection:

Typically, during weeks with a holiday observed by the refuse contractor, or in the event of severe weather conditions, collection is moved forward (i.e. Trash will be collected on Saturday or the following Monday during holiday weeks). Waste Management asks that trash be put out on Fridays as usual and left out until collected.  Please check our news and notices section and sign up for alerts for updated information as to delays due to holidays.

Refuse Containers:

Trash containers are provided by the refuse company contracted by the Town. Containers shall not be placed in the street nor on the sidewalk in a manner whereby they will interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic. These containers must remain with the property if the occupant moves out; otherwise, a fee will be imposed to cover the cost of replacement. Containers may be requested by calling the Dayton Public Works Department at 540-879-2241.

Type of Refuse Collected:

The Town will collect all garbage, rubbish and acceptable categories of refuse provided that the Town Manager shall have the right to determine what refuse is acceptable, depending upon its quantity and type, and shall have the right to decline to collect any material set out for regular collection.

Refuse NOT Acceptable for Regular Trash Collection:

  • Dangerous materials or substance such as poisons, acids, caustics, infected materials, explosives, hot ashes or materials burning (hot ashes shall not be placed in any combustible container, or any container, which also contains combustible materials).
  • Materials resulting from construction or demolition of buildings and structures or from the clearance of vacant or improved property in preparation for construction or occupancy. The Town Superintendent shall have the right to accept this refuse upon negotiating a fee for collection.
  • All heavy and bulky materials, such as motor vehicles or parts of motor vehicles, tree trunks and stumps that may require special preparation and processing for disposal.
  • Any materials, which create an unusually bad odor such as manure or rotten and unhatched eggs.
  • Bodies of dead animals.
  • No liquids shall be placed in containers for collection.